Monday, October 13, 2008

Southern Ghosts Part Three - Big Cedar, Missouri

On the outskirts of the modern tourist mecca of Branson, the Big Cedar Resort preserves several historic structures as part of the wilderness themed complex.
Among these is the Worman House (seen here).
Built by Harry Worman, an executive with the Frisco Railroad and one of two prominent businessmen that bought the Big Cedar Valley during the 1920s, the house is now a noteworthy restaurant.
It is difficult to imagine that the beautiful scenery could have been a miserable location for anyone, but according to legend the Big Cedar Valley felt more like a prison than a vacation spot for Worman's young wife, Dorothy. Fond of the society and parties, she feld out of place and lonely in the house at Big Cedar and, as the story goes, ran away and died at an early age.
Employees and guests, though, often see an unusual shadowy figure walking the grounds of the resort at night, prompting the growth of a legend that Dorothy Worman haunts the place that once caused such misery in her life.
To learn more about Big Cedar Resort and its history, please visit and follow the link for Big Cedar Resort.

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