Thursday, October 16, 2008

Southern Ghosts Part Six - Poison Spring, Arkansas

This strange glowing light was photographed through the trees at Poison Spring Battlefield State Park near Camden, Arkansas, late in the afternoon of a stormy summer day.

The light could be seen from the parking lot at the battlefield and seemed to be coming from down in the ravine formed by Poison Spring Branch. Upon entering the woods along the nature trail, however, it could not be found.

The photograph also shows several small white "orbs" that I think are light effects caused by the weather conditions that day. What is interesting, though, is that one of these appears over the yellowish light itself, indicating that it had definite depth as opposed to being a camera effect.

Poison Spring was the site of a dramatic Confederate victory during the Civil War. Southern troops overwhelmed a Union wagon train here during the Red River Campaign of 1864. Eyewitnesses claimed that Southern soldiers shot and killed Union soldiers after the battle.

Over the years, stories have been told of unusual things such as strange lights or misty figures being seen in the battlefield area. As is often the case with battlefields, there are stories that the dead linger at Poison Spring.

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