Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Southern Ghosts Part Five - Warden Castle in St. Augustine, Florida

This photograph shows several "orbs" photographed in Warden Castle (now Ripley's Believe It or Not!) in St. Augustine, Florida.

Personally, I think that most orbs are just light effects caused by camera flashes interacting with dust or other light sources, but some people believe they are indicative of supernatural activity.

The castle was built in 1887 by William G. Warden, a business partner of John D. Rockefeller and Florida's famed railroad builder, Henry Flagler. The Warden family used the unique structure as a winter home until the 1930s.

In 1941 it was remodeled as a hotel and a tragic fire there claimed lives. It is said that the spirits of the unfortunate victims still haunt the old structure. People report seeing strange figures in the old Moorish building late at night and tourists often photograph "orbs" and unusual streaks of light there.

Now fully renovated, Warden Castle is the home to Ripley's Believe It or Not! In fact, this was the nation's first Ripley's museum, a distinction that makes it something of a pop culture icon.

In true Ripley's style, those interested in Warden Castle's "ghostly" occupants can take part in nightly "Ghost Train" tours that give them a chance to learn some tales of St. Augustine ghosts and walk through the spooky old structure and museum after dark.

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