Saturday, October 11, 2008

Southern Ghosts Part One - St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida

One of Florida's best known ghost stories swirls around the spectacular tower of the St. Augustine Lighthouse in Florida.
For decades people have claimed to hear and see strange things in the tower. Most of the stories revolve around an unfortunate accident that happened while the tower was being built in 1873.
A cable car of sorts was rigged up to carry construction material from the beach up to the lighthouse site and the children of the construction superintendent and their friends liked to ride the cart back and forth. On July 10, 1873, however, something went very wrong and three of the children died in an unfortunate accident.
It is said that their voices, footsteps and forms can be seen inside the tower. The SciFi Channel television show "Ghost Hunters" visited the tower and recorded several unusual "figures" inside the lighthouse, making the St. Augustine Lighthouse one of the South's best known "haunted locations."
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