Saturday, October 18, 2008

Southern Ghosts Part Eight - Bellamy Bridge, Florida

The sad story of the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge is one of Florida's best known tales of the supernatural.
The legend revolves around an old iron bridge that spans the Chipola River a few miles north of Marianna. Nearby is the lonely grave of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, a young woman that died during the antebellum era in Florida.
Although legend holds that she died in a tragic wedding night fire, the true facts are that Bellamy died of severe fever along with her 18 month old child Alexander. Both are buried in an overgrown cemetery near today's Bellamy Bridge.
Tradition holds that the ghostly image of the young woman can be seen moving along the banks of the river in the area around the bridge. The photograph above, taken at Bellamy Bridge during winter months, shows an unusual "mist" in the lower right hand corner. Of more than 100 images taken that day, it was the only one that showed anything unusual.
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