Monday, April 28, 2008

Spring Travel Part Six: Roaring River State Park

This is part six of a continuing spring travel series on some of my favorite spots of historic interest in the South.
Roaring River State Park is one of the most absolutely beautiful places I've ever seen. Located just outside of Cassville, Missouri, the park is only 20 miles from Eureka Springs, Arkansas and 50 miles from Branson, Missouri.
The Roaring River rises here, from a spring deep within a cave in the park. Walkways lead visitors up to the mouth of the picturesque cave and the crystal clear water is stunning. A noted trout fishing haven, the park is home to a fishery where visitors can see thousands of trout in all stages of growth. The river itself is so clear that the fish can be seen from dozens of yards away.
Historically, Roaring River contains important Native American sites and the locations of early mills. The park also contains a beautiful array of historic Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed structures dating from the Great Depression.
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