Sunday, May 4, 2008

Spring Travel Part Seven: Corinth, Mississippi

This is part of a continuing series on some of my favorite spring travel spots across the South.
When one thinks of Civil War sites in the South, places like Vicksburg, Shiloh and Chickamauga usually come to mind. But in the northern Mississippi community of Corinth, a very impressive Civil War related heritage destination is developing.
Corinth was the location from which the Confederate army launched its campaign that ended at the Battle of Shiloh. Union troops subsequently raised siege works against the town and took possession of it, only to fight a bloody battle to maintain control of Corinth against a determined army led by Earl Van Dorn. Some of the bloodiest and most intense fighting of the Civil War took place on the hills and streets of Corinth.
In cooperation with state and federal authorities, the community is doing a really nice job of bringing its history back to life. Surrounding Corinth are miles of Civil War earthworks, the site of a major settlement where freed or escaped slaves gathered under the protection of Union guns and fields where heavy fighting took place during the siege and Battle of Corinth.
The community has developed both walking and driving tours that explore key points of historic interest. The driving tours follow different actions that took place around Corinth. In addition, Corinth is now the home of an outstanding new National Park Service interpretive center that details the community's rich Civil War history. In addition to a variety of indoor exhibits, the center offers a unique sculpture and reconstructed earthworks (seen above). The grounds were the site of heavy fighting during the Battle of Corinth.
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