Saturday, April 5, 2008

Arkansas Post National Memorial - Gillett, Arkansas

One of the most fascinating and historic places in America is Arkansas Post National Memorial. Located near the community of Gillett, Arkansas, the memorial preserves the site of one of the oldest settlements west of the Mississippi.
Founded by the French during the late 1600s, Arkansas Post was the site of a series of French, Spanish, American and Confederate forts and settlements.
In 1783, the last battle of the American Revolution was fought here when a force of 100 white and Native American British allies attacked the American-allied Spanish garrison of Fort Carlos III. The Spanish prevailed, but the last known casualties of the American Revolution took place.
During the Civil War, Arkansas Post became the site of Fort Hindman, a major Confederate fortification. Control of the site was taken by the Union army in a two day 1863 battle involving a flotilla of Union warships and nearly 40,000 men.
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