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Historic Springs of Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
The landscape of the South is dotted with towns and cities named after springs. There are Hot Springs, Warm Springs, Boiling Springs, Old Town Spring, Spring Hill, Winter Springs, Mineral Springs, Sylvan Springs, Holly Springs and the list goes on and on.
One of the most beloved such communities, however, is Eureka Springs. Located high in the mountains of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs is the number one wedding location per capita in the nation. More people go there to get married each year than actually live in the town.

Crescent Spring in Eureka Springs
Known for its beautiful scenery, inns, hotels, bed & breakfast inns, resorts, restaurants and unique shopping, Eureka Springs has done a marvelous job of preserving and restoring the historic springs that give the town its name.

A surprisingly large number of natural, mineral springs flow from the mountainsides surrounding the town. These springs were considered a source of health-giving mineral waters during the 19th century. Those were the days when crowds of people flooded to Eureka Springs to soak in its spring waters in hopes of finding miracle cures for physical and neurological illnesses.

Grotto Spring in Eureka Springs
The belief in the curative power of mineral springs faded in the 20th century, but Eureka Springs preserved its historic springs and today they add greatly to the charm of the beautiful Victorian community.

Probably the best known and photographed of the springs in Basin Spring, which is the centerpiece of a charming little park in the downtown area. Crescent Spring, down the mountain from the magnificent Crescent Hotel, is covered by a restored Victorian gazebo. A stone stairway leads up the mountain to the historic hotel itself.

Nearby is Grotto Spring, which flows from a natural grotto in the mountainside. History lovers also flock to Carrie Nation Spring, a natural spring that flows from the mountain across the road from the home of Carrie Nation, the famed ax-toting liquor fighter of the Prohibition era.

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