Monday, February 13, 2012

Eureka Springs - The per capita Wedding Capital of America

Eureka Springs, Arkansas
It often comes as a surprise visitors that the quaint Victorian town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, hosts more weddings per capita than any city in the United States.

In fact, some years more people get married in Eureka Springs than actually live there! So I thought in honor of Valentine's Day it would be enjoyable to take a look at this charming community in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

Eureka Springs has always been a special place. The first visitors came back in the late 19th century when dozens of mineral springs were found flowing from the sides of the mountains there. The town was founded in 1877 and in less than one year more than 3,000 people came to live in Eureka.

Historic Downtown of Eureka Springs
They came because of the popularity of mineral springs in those days. People believed the pure water provided cures for a variety of illnesses and the arrival of the railroad brought crowds in to enjoy the spas, hotels and other amenities of the resort community in the Ozarks.

The belief in the power of water from mineral springs diminished in the 20th century, but unlike many such places, Eureka Springs preserved its beautiful atmosphere and architecture. It stands today as one of the most beautifully preserved Victorian towns in the world. The romance of days gone by is unmistakable and the town offers beautiful historic accommodations, restaurants, shops and entertainment. Carriages roll through the streets and couples walk hand in hand along the sidewalks.

Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs
And there are weddings. More weddings than can be imagined. There is no blood test and no waiting to get married in Eureka Springs. A couple can arrive, get their license, get married and be on their honeymoon in a beautiful historic hotel, bed and breakfast or more modern accommodation in less than 90 minutes.

An array of wedding locations are available, ranging from the simple to the elegant, or one of the town's many ministers will come to you and perform a wedding at the location of your choice. An overlook on East Mountain, for example, provides a spectacular view of the valley and Victorian town and is popular for couples looking to marry surrounded by the beauty of the mountains.

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