Sunday, June 7, 2009

San Antonio, Texas - Part Four

One of the most beautiful urban settings in the world, the San Antonio River Walk has delighted millions of visitors to the beautiful old Texas city.

For hundreds of years the San Antonio River was a vital water source for the community of San Antonio and the Indian villages that existed at the site before the arrival of the Spanish soldiers and missionaries. Not only did the river provide drinking water, it was also a source for irrigation of fields planed along its banks.

Over the years, though, the river also brought its share of misery to San Antonio. Annual floods caused great hardships and at times left death and destruction in their wake. In 1921, for example, a horrible flood killed more than 50 people in San Antonio and left millions of dollars of damage in its wake. The flood also left behind a desire on the part of the people of San Antonio to do something about the remarkable, but deadly, natural resource that flowed through their city.

After much debate, the dream of architect Robert H.H. Hugman to create a waterfront that he thought could rival the beauty of the Italian city of Venice became the driving force behind the San Antonio River Walk project.

The River Walk now encompasses 13 miles of land on both sides of the river, right through the heart of downtown San Antonio. Not only does it link numerous historic sites, it also provides a center for entertainment, art, dining, shopping and more.

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