Friday, February 13, 2009

White Rock Mountain - Arkansas

Located deep in the Ozark National Forest in western Arkansas, White Rock Mountain provides some of the most spectacular views to be found in the South.

A part of the Ozarks region that covers large areas of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas, the mountain takes its name from the sheer rock cliffs that surround its crest. An unusual lichen that grows on the rocks give the cliffs a striking white appearance when viewed from a distance.

The drive to the mountain is a bit of an adventure. It requires navigating several miles of bumpy and often steep gravel roads, but the view at the top is well worth the journey. A recreation area that is now itself a historic site was built atop the mountain as a public works project during the Great Depression. Three original stone cabins and a beautiful old lodge are now available there for overnight guests. In addition, hiking trails lead past a series of overlooks built by Depression era workers to help visitors experience the spectacular mountain views.

To learn more, please visit One note, this area of the Ozarks experienced heavy damage in this year's ice storm. The cabins, etc., on the mountain are open, but cleanup work is continuing on roads, hiking trails and at other recreation spots in the area.

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