Monday, February 16, 2009

Mount Magazine State Park - Paris, Arkansas

Sometimes described as an "island in the sky," Mount Magazine is the highest point between the Appalachians and the Rockies.

Located on Scenic Highway 309 south of Paris, Arkansas, the mountain features magnificent views from towering bluffs, a lodge, restaurant, cabins, hiking trails, seasonal waterfalls and more.

The mountain was given its name, "Magazine," by early French hunters and fur trappers who explored the Arkansas River Valley during the late 1600s and 1700s. The massive outline of the mountain became a natural landmark. The name is the French word for "barn." From a distance, the mountain does bear something of a barn-like appearance.

During the Civil War the mountain served as a refuge from those fleeing the armies of both sides. Its high bluffs provided outstanding lookout points from which military movements could be watched.

After the war, Mount Magazine became popular as a resort area, a reputation that it still enjoys today. To learn more, please visit

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