Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little River Falls - Alabama

One of the most dramatic scenes in the South this time of year can be found at Little River Falls outside of Fort Payne, Alabama.

This dramatic waterfall usually roars at full force in January and February, when the winter rains and the reduction in leaf cover pour extra water into the Little River. The result is a striking waterfall. It is not the tallest in the South, but its massive volume is quite impressive.

Little River Falls are located high atop Lookout Mountain at the point where Alabama Highway 35 crosses the Little River a few miles from Fort Payne. Now part of the Little River Canyon National Preserve, the falls feed the beautiful canyon.

Early settlers saw the falls as a much needed power source. They built a mill at the top and used the rushing water to power its wheel. A small community grew in the vicinity during the 19th century and continued to thrive into the early 20th century. It eventually faded, however, and the waterfall looks today just as it did hundreds of years ago when Cherokee Indians hunted in the region.

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