Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Little River Canyon - Fort Payne, Alabama

Some of the most spectacular views in the South can be found a few miles outside Fort Payne, Alabama, at Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Often called the "Grand Canyon of the East," Little River Canyon is a remarkable 12-mile long canyon that has been carved across the top of Lookout Mountain by the Little River. One of the most impressive whitewater streams in the Southeast, especially during the winter months, the Little River is one of the most pristine rivers in the nation.

The canyon averages between 400 and 500 feet in depth, but in some spots is nearly 700 feet deep. It begins at Little River Falls, a dramatic waterfall just below the Alabama Highway 35 bridge. Once the site of a mill and significant pioneer community, the falls now feed the whitewater of the canyon.

A number of other waterfalls can be found in the national park, including Grace's High Falls. This beautiful waterfall is one of the tallest in Alabama, but usually only flows during the winter months.

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Moultrie Creek said...

What a delight to find one of my favorite places pop up in my newsreader. My mother's family lived just east of there and we've spent many a summer wandering around Lookout Mountain. Thanks for a great article that really made my day.

Dale said...

That's what makes doing the blog fun. Every place has meaning to someone. I absolutely love that area of Alabama. I lived up in Anniston for a while years ago and spent a lot of time exploring and it is really great country.