Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Talladega National Forest - Alabama

Some of the most beautiful scenery in the South can be found in Alabama's Talladega National Forest.
These historic lands were once part of the Creek Nation. Stripped from their Native American owners by the treaties of 1814 and 1832, the beautiful Talladega Mountains were opened to white timbering and settlement.
Over the decades that followed, much of the virgin timber was clear cut from the hills and the scenic beauty and value of the land all but disappeared. The forests were restored, however, during a massive Depression-era program that resulted in President Franklin Roosevelt's 1936 proclamation creating the Talladega National Forest.
The mountains today have been returned to a state of incredible natural beauty and form the centerpiece of one of the finest national forests in the South. Attractions include historic sites, mountain vistas, waterfalls, running streams, lakes, hiking trails, preserved wilderness areas, campsites, picnic areas and more. Alabama's beautiful Cheaha State Park is surrounded by the forest and provides a restaurant, cabins, chalets, hotel and more for those interested in exploring the highest mountains in the state.
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