Monday, November 10, 2008

Providence Canyon State Park - Lumpkin, Georgia

Providence Canyon near the small town of Lumpkin, Georgia, is one of the most remarkable historic sites in the Deep South.
Despite their magnificent appearance, the spectacular canyons are not really that old.
Until the 1820s, this area was beautiful hill country. Early settlers cleared the trees and began farming, but a combination of poor conservation techniques and the unique nature of the soil allowed plow furrows to turn into erosion gullies. The gullies became ravines and, over time, the ravines became canyons.
It is astounding that pioneer farming practices could result in something so beautiful, yet Providence Canyon today is one of the most beautiful places in Southwest Georgia. To learn more, please visit our new Providence Canyon pages at


TheElegantVagrant said...

My girlfriend and I just sold and donated all of our belongings and hit the road to travel the USA! Our first stop was at Providence Canyon, and it was awesome! BTW if anyone you're looking to check out the canyon, but do so on a budget, there is FREE camping at the Rood Creek Landing Reacreation Area, about 8 miles away. If you'd like to check out my blog on providence canyon, the address is

Dale said...

I really enjoyed your blog! Keep us up to date on where you guys travel!


Andrea said...

Hey there! I'm the girlfriend referenced in "TheElegantVagrant"'s comment above. Love your blog! We visited Providence Canyon State Park as well, and it was definitely interesting. I'd love to read about more of your adventures. Be sure to check out my blog about our visit here, and subscribe if you’d like, we’ll be updating about all of our travels and would love to connect with fellow adventurers!