Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Possum Monument - Wausau, Florida

This nicely carved stone beside State Highway 77 in Wausau, Florida is undoubtedly the Sunshine State's most unusual monument.

It is dedicated to the possum (or opossum, for our Northern friends), that creature often seen in the woods and swamps (and paved highways) of the South.

Erected in 1982, the monument pays tribute to the marsupial for its role in providing food to area residents in good times and bad. Wausau, in fact, calls itself the Possum Capital of the World and hosts a famed Fun Day and Possum Festival on the first Saturday of August each year.

To learn more about the possum monument, please visit our new Washington County, Florida pages at www.exploresouthernhistory.com/washingtoncounty and just look for the heading!

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