Friday, February 29, 2008

Vicksburg, Mississippi - The "Widow Blakely"

This is the "Widow Blakely" at Vicksburg National Military park in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The cannon obtained its unusual name because it was the only Blakely rifle used in the Confederate defense of Vicksburg.
Many visitors to Vicksburg often miss several fascinating sites that are part of the national park because they are located away from the main tour road. The "Widow Blakely," South Fort, Grant's Canal, Louisiana Circle and Battery Benton, however, are easy to reach and definitely worth a visit.
All of these sites (except for Grant's Canal which is across the Mississippi River in Louisiana) are located just up the street from the Welcome Center at Exit 1 off Interstate 20. Battery Benton, in fact, can be reached from stairs leading from the Welcome Center parking lot.
Several of the sites, Battery Benton and Louisiana Circle in particular, provide spectacular views of the Mississippi River.
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