Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Southern ghost story and a bit of Florida history!

If you enjoy a good ghost story now and then and like to learn more about the true facts behind the legends, then you will probably enjoy the story of the "Ghost of Bellamy Bridge" at
This legend is one of Florida's oldest ghost stories and revolves around the 1837 wedding of Samuel and Elizabeth Bellamy at Marianna, Florida.
Wealthy newcomers who moved to Florida from North Carolina, the Bellamys were among the social elite of the Territory. Samuel was a physician, businessman and politician who served as a Jackson County delegate to Florida's first Constitutional Convention. His wife was the young daughter of one of North Carolina's richest families.
To learn more about the unusual story and the claims that her ghost can still be seen roaming the banks of the Chipola River near Marianna, please visit and scroll down the page to the Index. Just look for the "Ghost of Bellamy Bridge" link under the Florida heading.