Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Midway Congregational Church - Midway, Georgia

Midway Congregational Church in Georgia
One of the most beautiful landmarks of the Georgia Coast, Midway Congregational Church was founded before the American Revolution and played an important role in that war. The current structure dates from 1792.

It was at Midway Church, often called Midway Meeting House, in 1775 that the residents of what is now Liberty County gathered to elect someone to represent them at the Second Continental Congress. The Congregationalists settled in Midway, Sunbury and the surrounding area had originally come from Dorchester, Massachusetts, and were quick to support their their former neighbors there in the wake of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

The present structure was completed in 1792.
The community was targeted by the British in 1778 and Colonel James Screven, now buried in the Midway Cemetery, was mortally wounded at the Battle of Midway Church. The original church structure was burned by the British following that battle, but was rebuilt in 1792.

The church was occupied by troops again some nine decades later during the final days of Sherman's March to the Sea. The cavalry of Union Gen. Judson Kilpatrick corralled their horses in the cemetery and Kilpatrick made Midway Church his headquarters as Sherman was closing in on Savannah and Fort McAllister.

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