Thursday, February 21, 2013

Are the walls of a Florida "haunted house" bleeding???

Bleeding Walls at Haunted Russ House?
Employees working at the historic Russ House in Marianna, Florida, walked in to an unexpected sight this week - bleeding walls!

The beautiful old structure currently houses the Jackson County Tourism Office and the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce. Various ghost hunter and paranormal investigation groups have visited the Russ House and proclaimed it to be haunted, but none of them encountered anything like this!

Russ House in Marianna, Florida
The mysterious "bleeding" liquid was coming from the wall below a storage area, but nothing found in the storage area could explain the source of the liquid.  It is the first time staff of the house have encountered anything like it and they were visibly disturbed by the phenomenon when I visited shortly after it was discovered to take the photographs seen here.

What is it?  No one knows!

Another View of Strange Liquid
According to tradition, the house is haunted by several restless spirits.  The best known of them is said to be that of the home's builder, Marianna businessman Joseph W. Russ, Jr.  He had the house constructed in 1895 in a traditional Victorian style, but his wife later had it remodeled to its present magnificent design.

Russ committed suicide during the Great Depression and legend holds that he still roams the halls of his beloved house to this day. 

You can read more about the Ghosts of the Russ House at

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tammy russ said...

Its true I seen it with my own eyes a couple of years ago at my family reunion my great aunt and here daughter done a family tree and found joseph russ and went to visit the russ house and brought pics for us to see two years went by and one day my daddy said let's visit the russ house well we did when we pulled up and it all could do is say beautiful I started taking pics we went inside a nice young lady gave us a tour of the house she told us I came in this morning and seen a blood looking liquid running down the walls as she walked us throgh the hall to get there I got really hot people say they feel cold when a ghost is present I felt hot really hot when we walked into the room I seen the liquid it was crazy when I went and got the pics every pic that I took from the time I stepped out of my cardidnt cum out they were all a blur only one came out and that was the very last pic I took standing with the young lady that gave us the tour I don't know why those pics cum out like that becouse I also took pics on the way to the russ house and they came out fine....I don't know maybe my uncle didn't want me to take pics at his house lol I will be visiting again its a beautiful house and I'm proud to say my family was the first to see the blood cumn down the walls gives me chills but I felt at peace in the house ....go visit every one u will love it....