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Juniper Springs Recreation Area - Ocala National Forest, Florida

Juniper Springs Recreation Area
Ocala National Forest, Florida
One of the most beautiful historic sites in the nation, Juniper Springs is the centerpiece of a recreation area in Florida's Ocala National Forest.
Just 28 miles from I-75 at Ocala, Juniper Springs was one of the first recreation areas completed east of the Mississippi River by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) during the Great Depression. Its original CCC features are beautifully preserved, as is the semi-tropical landscape that is unlike any other national forest recreation area in America.

Juniper Springs Recreation Area
Perhaps the most unique feature of Juniper Springs, aside from the spring itself, is the unique CCC-built millhouse. Completed in 1935-1936, this structure was the result of innovative thinking that overcame the problem of getting electricity to the park. When Juniper Springs was developed, the nearest source of electric power was then miles away. Without the money to pay for running electric lines to the recreation area, the CCC generated its own.

The charming millhouse was built at the point where the water from the spring basin flowed into Juniper Springs Run. Its undershot waterwheel powered a small generator that provided electricity for the park. The beautifully preserved millhouse is a favorite with photographers and now houses an exhibit about the development of the recreation area and the history of the CCC.

In addition to the millhouse, the park features swimming, camping, nature trails, picnicking and an access point to Juniper Springs Run, one of the most beautiful and unique canoe and kayak trails in the nation.

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