Friday, July 16, 2010

New EcoTourism Page now online at

Life in the South is and always has been tightly connected with nature. From the prehistoric days of the Indian hunters to today, the people of the region have had a special relationship with nature and the environment.

There are few Southern families, regardless of race, culture or origin, that do not have stories tied in some way to the land. From the mountains of the Blue Ridge and Ozarks to the bayous of Louisiana and deep swamps of Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Florida, Southerners are a people closely associated with the land around them.

And today, with the economy experiencing such severe difficulties and unemployment and taxes at such highs, many Southern families are looking back to the land as a place of relaxation, comfort and escape. The great outdoors offer affordable escapes for families from all walks of life and, while economical to visit and explore, offer untold rewards in terms of memories and marvels.

Learning about nature and the environment and enjoying what the outdoors have to offer is what ecotourism is all about. It is one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the South and is taking larger numbers of visitors to Southern outdoor locations each year. Many of these points are rich in both cultural and natural history and offer educational opportunities as well as beautiful getaways.

To help you explore some of the more unique outdoor locations in the South, I've launched a new section at that focuses on ecotourism and the natural wonders of our very special region of the country. You will find information on springs, rivers, scenic spots, caves, geological wonders, mountains, waterfalls and more. This section will expand rapidly as I continue to add new spots, so be sure to bookmark it and check back regularly.

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