Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area - Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

Located deep in the mountain country of the Ozarks and just off famed Scenic Highway 7, some of the most beautiful and historic scenery in the South can be found at Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area.

Named for the magnificent pedestals of stone formed by natural erosion of a towering bluff, the park features hiking trails that least to the pedestals, natural arches, erosion caves and one of the tallest waterfalls in Arkansas. The bluff top provides spectacular views of the valley and mountains beyond and is stunning in October when fall colors reach south into the Ozarks.

Archaeologists have learned that Native Americans used the natural caves and rock shelters at Pedestal Rocks thousands of years ago. They used this natural shelter while hunting and gathering in the mountains. In later times, the territory surrounding the scenic area was the domain of the Civil War guerrilla bands that roamed the Ozarks.

The scenic area is now part of the Ozark National Forest and is open daily. To learn more, please visit

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