Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Historic Sites of Branson, Missouri - Part Three

One of the favorite historic sites in Branson actually rolls out of town almost daily for excursions through the beautiful Ozarks.
This is the locomotive of the Ozark Zephyr, a beautifully restored train now preserved and operated by the Branson Scenic Railway.
The railway operates on tracks that have been in use since a $239 million dollar project brought the railroad to Branson in 1902-1905.
Visitors to the railway can explore the original 1905 depot and take 20 mile rides that lead through the beautiful mountains of southern Missouri. Along the way, the conductor points out historic points of interest and provides an introduction to the history of the restored cars. Passengers can move from car to car and experience what it was once like to ride the rails through the South.
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