Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ghost hunters in Florida make "electric" discovery at haunted site!

Infrared Photo of Bellamy Bridge at Night
(Courtesy Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts)
A team of paranormal investigators has made a discovery at a purportedly haunted bridge in Florida unlike anything it has ever encountered.

The location is Bellamy Bridge, the oldest bridge of its type in Florida and the scene of a rumored haunting that goes back to the 19th century. The focal point of the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail, the historic bridge is located at 4057 Jacob Road, Marianna, Florida.

On two separate occasions, the team from Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts has verified the presence of electric "pulses" at the old steel-frame bridge, despite the fact that the bridge is located deep in a floodplain swamp, roughly one-half mile from the nearest source of electricity.

There are no lights, no underground or underwater cables, no generators, no radio towers, no cell phone towers and no other sources of electricity near enough to the bridge to explain the strange electric pulses discovered by the team.

According to Susan Todd, an investigator with the group, the discovery was first noted during an evening of research at Bellamy Bridge in May. The team then returned to the bridge last Saturday night (June 15, 2013) and once again encountered precisely the same phenomenon:

Team from Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts
We set up our meters, to include our Digital EMF detector, in the same locations as we had done previously, again same response from our equipment, with the exception of the Digital EMF detector which did not pick up EMF anomalies. As our meters were reacting we noted the exact time on our digital recorders and IR Video recorders. We were unable to detect a pattern to when the meters would react. At one point, while reciting information on the history of the bridge all meters started to light up to maximum capacity.

The team is working in cooperation with the Friends of Bellamy Bridge to research and obtain footage at the bridge, some of which will be used in a coming documentary that will benefit the preservation and maintenance of the historic bridge and the interpretive trail that provides public access to it.

To see some of the video and read more about the investigation, please visit http://www.exploresouthernhistory.com/bellamyghost.

To learn more about the ghost story itself, please visit http://www.exploresouthernhistory.com/bellamybridge.

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